About our school

Who we are

Our school commenced in January 2010 and has gradually grown into a fully fledged Nursery and Primary school.

Located in large , airy, well ventilated classrooms, the activities and opportunities presented give the child opportunities to explore budding interests in a safe, loving, emotionally supportive environment. The school has the opportunity to help the child become a curious, capable individual, eager to continue life-long learning.

We encourage children to be active participants in the learning process, rather than passive recipients of knowledge. This can be accomplished through using activities that stimulate experimentation with talking, listening, writing and reading.

Children use the computer and audio – visual room, school library and art ‘banda’ extensively.


Uniforms at Foundation include:

  • For Boys – light blue shirt with dark blue shorts and black shoes with white socks.
  • For Girls – light blue dress and black shoes with white socks.
  • P.E Uniform for Boys and Girls – school tshirt with white shorts and white sport shoes with white socks.
  • * All school uniforms are available at the school and at seifi school centre.